Get to know us


Enclave Power Company (EPC), a subsidiary of LMI Holdings, is Ghana’s only privately-owned power distribution company responsible for distributing about 45MW of power purchased from the Volta River Authority to over 80 multinational and local manufacturing companies in the Tema Free Zones Enclave and in Dawa Industrial Zone. It is Ghana’s largest privately-owned sub-station (130MVA) in Tema.
EPC provides power to multi-national blue-chip companies like Cargill Ghana and Barry Callebaut, two of the world’s largest cocoa processing companies. Two of the largest steel mills in the country – United Steel Company and Rider Steel Ghana Limited, with a combined maximum demand exceeding 41 MW.


Our mission

  • To be a catalyst for the growth of the industry in Ghana and Africa
  • To be an example of world-class Ghanaian industrial business to the world.
  • To create the enabling environment that attract foreign investment into Ghana industry.

Our vision

  • People: Be an employer of choice that inspires people to give their best always.
  • Product: Bring to the world a broad suite of product and services that are globally competitive yet locally relevant.
  • Partners: Build lasting network of customers, investors and suppliers.
  • Productivity: Be highly efficient, lean and nimble organization.
  • Profitability: Maximize long term returns to shareholders while being mindful of social responsibility.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Hard Work
  • Perseverance
  • Ownership and Legacy Mindset

Tema Substation

EPC set out to construct the first ever privately owned 165MVA, 161kV/34.5kV/11.5kV substation in Ghana. Construction of the substation begun in 2012, completed in 2014 and was commissioned in January of 2015 in order to supply electricity to customers within the Tema Industrial Free Zone. Connected to the national grid via GRIDCo’s transmission lines, enclave power substation receives electrical energy at 161kV and steps it down to 34.5kV, 11.5kV and 0.415kV energy levels. Since the commissioning of the substation, EPC has endeavored to supply the most reliable and stable energy to its numerous customers within the enclave and currently supplies electricity to over 100 customers within its operational area. Customers being supplied from the substation includes the agro processing plants (like Barry Callebaut Ghana, Cargill Ghana, etc.), the steel mills (like the rider steel, united steel, ferro fabric etc.) and other light industries.


Dawa Substation

The Dawa Substation is the second substation to be built, owned, and operated by EPC. In 2016, work started on a 132MVA substation being the first phase of the proposed 393MVA capacity substation at Dawa. The project came to completion in 2018 and the station commissioned in September of the same year.  This substation was constructed by breaking into the 330kV WAPP (West African Power Pool) line. The WAPP line is the single 330kV power line running from Cote d’Ivoire through to Nigeria. The WAPP line, when fully completed, will tie-in strategic generators from participating countries to produce the most reliable, secured, and stable energy for the sub-region. By strategically placing our substation on this line, we will be able to provide all our customers with reliable and stable power as EPC guarantee’s an uptime/availability of 99%.